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Canadian Business Immigration Programs - Investor

Canada Investor Immigration Program

Canada's Immigrant Investor Program offers several benefits to international investors, including permanent resident status up front and guaranteed repayment of the investment.

The investors Immigration Program is made to encourage experienced business people to invest $ 800 000 in the canadian economy. As investors, you must:

demonstrate that you have experience in business;

have a net worth of at least $ 1,600 000 ($1.6 million) obtained legally;

make an investment of CAN $ 800 000.

This investment is administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and is fully guaranteed by the Canadian provinces that use it to create jobs and develop their economies.

CIC will return your investment of 800 000 $ CAN, without interest, after about five years and three months.

The financing options available to our customers
If you meet the selection criteria and you meet the Investors Program net worth requirements, but you have difficulty raising the required amount of CAN $ 800,000 to meet the investment requirement of program, or if you hesitate to withdraw significant funds from your available cash, our financial partners offers you two financing options according to your distinct immediate or long term needs.

Option 1:
The immigrant investor deposits an amount determined by the financial partner under the Immigrant Investor Program, then follows the rest of the Financial partner. Nothing is paid back at the end of the term (5 years) and no monthly payments will be required for the loan term. While interest rates fluctuate, please contact us to know the price of breaking force.

Option 2:
The immigrant investor deposits the amount of $ 800,000 CAN to be placed for a term of 5 years without interest. If, during his stay at any time, the immigrant investor needs funds before the maturity date, the financial partner will help to borrow up to (amount will be fixed second the interest rates) with bank institutions. This loan will be arranged on a line of credit basis. Interest will be paid each month, and at a variable rate. The client investor can repay the loan any time as soon as he has the necessary liquidity. For more information please contact Us

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